7 Easy Energy-Saving Tips for Winter

Out with the cold! Go green and keep the drafts out and the warm air inside your home with these simple energy-saving solutions.

As fun as the holiday season is, it also brings with it unwelcomed guests — and we aren’t talking about your in-laws. For many of us, winter means drafty windows, drastically fluctuating indoor temperatures and high heating bills.

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When Is the Best Time to Buy New Appliances?

If you’re looking for a new washer or fridge, certain months tend to have the best deals. Heck, some weeks of the month are better than others. A little research could save you a lot of money.

New appliances are major purchases, and if you’re not in the midst of remodeling your entire kitchen or running out to the store to replace your fridge that just died, a little pre-planning could save you a lot of money.

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Help Your Home’s Exterior Recover from Storm Damage

Here’s what you can do if a summer storm, hurricane or hailstorm strikes, plus what to do if a tree falls on your house.

You don’t need a hurricane warning to crank up your stress level about possible storm damage to your home. Even a short-lived hailstorm can literally take a bite out of your siding or your roof.

Here’s what you need to know to help your home’s exterior recover from a brutal storm.

How the Wind Blows

Odds are, your house won’t be carried off and land on a witch — that only happens in the movies. But there are some real risks: power lines could come down, trees and branches may fall on your roof, shingles may get whisked away, and gutters could loosen or fall.

Call the police and power company right away if power lines are down. If you feel unsafe, leave the property.

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Top Dishwasher Troubleshooting Tips

Is your dishwasher acting up? Our YouTube® playlist has a diverse selection of easy-to-follow solutions for the most common dishwasher problems.

Continuing our pledge to meet all your home improvement needs, the pros at Sears Home Services have crafted a series of dishwasher troubleshooting videos to help keep your dishwasher running in tip-top shape. Whether you’re looking for details on regular maintenance, best practices or a DIY dishwasher repair how-to — you’ve come to the right place.

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How to Clean Stainless Steel: 7 Spring Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Appliances Shine

Learn how to clean stainless steel fridges, sinks, ovens and dishwashers. It’s easier than you think.

Stainless steel appliances can upgrade your kitchen to a modern, refined style. What isn’t so cool? Those dirty fingerprints, dark spots and greasy smudges that soon appear after use. Here are seven hacks to make sure that your stainless steel appliances are shining by the end of spring cleaning.

  1. Go with the grain.

First and foremost, understand that stainless steel, just like wood, has a particular grain. If you look closely at your appliance, you will see the direction in which the steel flows. Make sure you always clean and polish your appliance in the same direction of its grain. What happens if you don’t? Cleaning residue and dirt will be pushed farther into the grooves of the stainless steel, causing your appliance to look even more dirty and dull. Continue Reading

6 Refrigerator Myths Debunked

Does baking soda in the fridge really deodorize? How should you thaw meat? Is food safe to eat after a power failure? Here’s what you need to know to help keep your food fresh and your family safe.

That seemingly innocent rotisserie chicken in your fridge or the cucumber slowly turning into a science experiment behind those Chinese food cartons can make your family sick.

Learn the truth about these common fridge fallacies (along with a few refrigerator tips) to prevent bacteria and other nasty things from forming on your food. Here are some common myths, busted. Continue Reading

9 Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, focus on efficiency and ease of use.

A kitchen remodel gives you the opportunity to start from square one and make your kitchen more efficient and user-friendly than it’s ever been. How? By thinking about the best way to design the space before the experts hang the first cabinet and lay the first tile. Continue Reading

Top 5 Washer Problems and Solutions

Solve your biggest washing machine problems with these hints and tips.

Does your washing machine stop mid-cycle? Is it making strange sounds or vibrations? These are just a couple of the most common washer problems that Sears’ extensive network of technicians solve on a daily basis. In fact, Sears repaired almost 1.4 million washing machines in 2016!

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How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Stay cool — and save money — this summer by checking these hot spots in your home.

Maintaining the optimal temperature in your home over the summer is no easy feat, because more factors come into play than simply setting the AC to your desired temp. The current state of your windows, HVAC system and insulation all can affect the temperature inside your home.

Here are the most common problems you can experience with your air conditioning during the summer. Continue Reading

4 Window Cleaning Tips and Hacks Tested

Do coffee filters and newspaper actually work to clean windows? Is a DIY glass cleaner better than store bought? We’re testing popular window cleaning hacks to find out!

Cleaning your windows can be a pain. To help make the job easier, we’re testing four window cleaning hacks to see if they actually work: Continue Reading

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